The arts are highly integrated into the economy of Bennington and woven into our local fabric. Our town makes an immediate impression on visitors. We are seen as a community that celebrates the arts because of our professional, high-quality murals and the care we put into the restoration of our homes and businesses. The care we put into making Bennington beautiful tells an evolving story of who we are.

Mural Projects

What is Bennington Murals?

Bennington Murals is the vision of local artist Forest Byrd, who is dedicated to always dreaming bigger. Literally. The artists and volunteers, who work hard to create these beautiful masterpieces, aren’t afraid of heights. They can take a simple idea, a story that touches the heart of the community, and produce something lasting. They work with local businesses and people to develop a message that will lead people to seek out a particular corner of the Bennington area.

Our Mission:  To unite the community in an arts initiative that creates a sense of pride, helps sustain a healthy, vibrant arts community, and strengthen our economy.

Key Sponsors